Learn how to unleash your inner power to accomplish any goal or to gain unlimited abundance. Many who have read books on infinite power were disappointed because the promised results were unrealizable. Some books describe infinite power as mystical, like releasing a, “genie from a bottle.” They contend that if you visualize a desire, you can magically attain the wish. While visualization is important, that alone will not work without the critical missing links explained in this book. It is not as simple as waving a magic wand, but we all can unleash the power.

Everything conceived by great achievers began as images in their mind. They actualized what was once unimaginable to man, including electricity, automobiles, airplanes, and space travel. These innovators visualized these inventions using their imagination and their internal power to turn thoughts into reality. It is sad that only a very small percentage of each generation learns how to unleash the supremacy God gave us. People of all faiths will be able to relate and embrace the concept of infinite power as their own internal resource. Such greatness is attainable by all. While our goals may be to simply live free of the burdens of powerlessness, economic struggle, or loneliness, we can all have what we want and deserve in life and this book will show you how.

Learn How To Get and Do Anything You Desire

INDIVIDUALS: Learn how to unleash your inner power and change your life beyond your wildest dreams

CORPORATIONS: Increase productivity with private classes by Matt Jordan.

BUSINESSES: Increase sales whether you are selling professional services, products, or services.

SPORTS TEAMS: Increase your victories with mind power training by Matt Jordan.

STUDENTS: Learn how to select the right career without limits to your financial goals.

This Book Will Teach You How To

  •   Understand what godly power is and how to unleash it to get or do anything that you desire.
  •   Increase your level of consciousness and godly power.
  •   Become an extraordinary achiever that very few in each generation learn to do.
  •   Release the inhibitors of happiness, health, and success, and turn your life around.
  •   Let your subconscious mind take over control for faster and more powerful results.
  •   Become patient and not be troubled when forced to wait for others.
  •   Make suggested changes that will help others to both like and love you.
  •   Forgive yourself and remove any and all guilt.
  •   Release stress and anxiety, remain calm, and feel inner peace.
  •   Replace unnecessary worry with faith and confidence.
  •   Release depression and enjoy life with joy and happiness.
  •   Meditate, breath properly, and how to create powerful affirmations.
  •   Understand why most of us are sick and what must be done to prevent and overcome illness.
  •   End insomnia and enjoy the sleep everyone needs to heal and to avoid illness.
  •   Get your foods, vitamins, and supplements tested to see if they are hurting or helping you.
  •   Rid oneself of addictions to alcohol, drugs, or other behavior problems.
  •   Control thoughts and stop “monkey jump” thinking while trying to sleep.
  •   Avoid the wrong foods, eat properly, and reduce excessive weight.
  •   Plan our goals; monitor them, and how to bring them to successful fruition.
  •   End a losing streak and start winning immediately.
  •   Enjoy solving the problems we all must face frequently in life.
  •   Set priorities, get the important things done, and how to say no.
  •   To develop and maintain a consistent “I can” attitude …… and, much more!


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"This book gives clear guidance for healthy living from first hand experience as well as a treasury of quotes and research from many masters. This is a keeper for your night stand that you'll refer to to calm your mind on a restless night, or use for an ideal morning ritual to set a positive intention for the day."
  - Cara Macari

"The book is a must for all to read. It ties together power,
happiness, health & success in a way that I have never seen done these do tie together and requires our knowledge & attention. Anyone who reads this will learn something valuable from it. I highly recommend this book."
  - Wendy Skerritt

"I really liked this book and the inserted quotes & scriptures, even the ones by Matt himself. I know Matt to be a entertaining and good speaker. I encourage groups to take him up on his offer to come speak about the book or to conduct a class."
  - Cindy Pettyjohn

"I found several techniques for dealing with tough situations. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to discover the keys to happiness and success."
  - William Coy

"Other than the Bible, and even that quite late in life, I have never been one to turn to self-help or motivational type material. However, I must say that I was quite impressed and personally "touched". His presentation of the subject matter, with emphasis on his personal experiences, was refreshing and useful. I will definitely incorporate many of his suggestions in my daily encounters. Although for all, I believe his writing would be particularly useful to younger readers as they embark on finding their life's purpose."
  - Joseph O. Benigno

"Matt Jordan’s book, Unleash Godly Power, was a delight to read. The book provides structure and definition to the emotions and external influences we’ve experienced all our lives. He brilliantly used bible verses and quotes from well-known sources to tie into and add credence to each subject. With this, you are afforded the opportunity to apply its topics to help set and achieve your goals and improve the way you feel and live. Well done!"
  - Mark Kaskey

"Matt Jordan has captured the essence of the power that lies inside us sleeping. He gives a common sense approach to tapping God's powers that are deep inside all of us. This is a truly inspired work fueled by Matt Jordan's hard work. The quotes alone are worth the price of the book. Excellent A++++++"
  - C Bruce Delaney

Matt began his study of our inner power at an early age. Setting extraordinary goals, he worked his way through college while he studied the use of infinite power. Matt developed a system to unleash our power, to complete several ventures in the worlds of business, investments and music.

Within ten years of college graduation, he rose through several levels of IBM management, while working part-time to purchase, renovate and sell real estate. Following his time at IBM, Matt created a successful Real Estate company, leading the area in both listings and sales. He also purchased the first real estate national franchise in the Hudson Valley,
N.Y. Matt loves to teach, and as a member of ERA, he gave inspiring and